Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Formula for Product Success: Focus on Flexibility and Cooperation (TEC)

This is Part Two of the series Jeeves—Thriving Organically as a Humble Servant.

One pillar of the success of Jeeves Information Systems AB (JIS) is the way it has developed its main product from scratch. While most competitors work painstakingly to rewrite or merge their many (often recently acquired) complex and rigid systems, Jeeves has always had a product with built-in open and flexible architecture. Recent studies by an independent market research company, DPU Research, show that Jeeves Enterprise repeatedly receives the highest rating among European users in terms of ease of use, value for money, functional breadth and depth, and so on. Jeeves Enterprise tries to emulate the user thought process, and to accommodate multiple ways of building systems, according to needs. It is modular, flexible, and customizable, with an integrated, broad-scoped, functional footprint catering to many business processes and industries.

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